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Embossing machine EM 1500

The pressure between the embossing rolls is made by two hydraulic cylinders. These embossing rolls could be linked through gears or free. The engraver roll (top) is connected directly to the motor with an homo-kinetic joint. The marks on the engraved roll (bottom) are generated through running without material and watering the roll. Rewinding station: during the rewinding of the material there is one roll (rider roll) that keeps contact with the external part of the paper roll. The pressure of this roll could be adjusted by the operator. The rewinding force is adjustable by the control panel. If the operator set the draw force, the PLC keep it constant for all the reel rewinding. It’s also possible to correct it while the machine working.

Unwind braking

The tension on the web is generated by pneumatic brakes servo-ventilated. The control of the tension during the unwinding is continually calculated by the digressive method, or by other systems like load cells.

EM 1500 model

Max width1600mm
Min width800mm
Pressure between the rolls60 tons
Machine weight80 tons
Unwinder max diameter2000mm
Rewinder max diameter1400mm
Max mechanical speed300m/min