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Sheeter from reels to reams

The customers are looking everyday more to the possibility of producing reams with multiple formats which can respond to different needs: from the standard A3-A4 till the special sizes necessary for digital printers. Over the last few years Milltex has started with the production of special machine to target these growing needs for that specific market niche. The result is the so called “SincroDigi”, a customized Sincroflex machine with special expedients for the specific output required.

On the transversal cut drums two set of blades are installed in order to make the sheeter operation speed faster for the short formats. The overlapping of the sheets is made by a vortex system that doesn’t need operator regulation and it has cams which directly touch the sheets.

The sheets exit is organized in reams and through calipers and belts conveyors are brought to the following steps of the production: wrapping and cartoning.

Automation and equipments

The sheeter could be customized with the following equipments:
• Automatic splicer
• Automatic format change
• Automatic slitters positioning
• Joint detection and automatic re- ject
• Edge guiding for all reels
• Automatic folders positioning
• Automatic belts positioning
• Automatic positioning of the jogger and spoons.

Sincroflex Model

Max width2200mm
Min width1000mm
Max sheet lenght500mm
Min sheet lenght210mm
Max mechanical speed250m/min
Max ream height457x533 mm - 18’x20’ inch
Min ream148x210 mm - 6’x8.5’ inch