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Electronic synchro sheeter with variable geometry

Wrapping Machine - Digital Size

The wrapping machine WR43 has been designed to have maximum flexibility, so to be used for each wrapped format sold in the market. For this reason is possible to wrap formats included in this range [148 mm x 210 mm] - [470 mm x 533.5 mm]

Each regulation is controlled by the PLC and the operator can set the format change directly by the control panel. The ma- chine include a rotating blade cutter for the wrap paper. The reels for the wrap paper could have diameter maximum of 800mm.

The wrap material could be neutral or printed, in this second case the cut is made by register cut otherwise with the sheet measure. In each case the length of the cover sheet is calculated by the PLC in function of the ream dimension. The packet is closed by hot melt dropped by three nozzles. The amount of paper could be regulated by the operator in function of the paper.

WR 43 Model

Max reams width(18.5”) 470 mm
Min reams width(8.5”) 216 mm
Max reams length(21”) 534 mm
Min reams length(11”) 279 mm
Max reams height100 mm
Max speed75 min-1
Max ream weight25 kg